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Go To Sleep (The Goodnight Songs)

Produced by Dave Pascal

Music Director: Scott Warrender

Executive Producer: Shining Heart Productions

© 2015 Shining Heart Productions

Recorded at Studio X, Seattle, WA

CD Graphic Design: Julie Carlos

Modern Angels logo: Iskra Design

Modern Angels Photos © 2015 Auston James


All vocals by Modern Angels, and all vocal arrangements by Modern Angels, unless otherwise noted.

Recorded at Studio X by Andrew Ching & Justin Armstrong, with assistance by Kyle Smith, Derrick Ruddy, & Davis Rendle

Mixed by Andrew Ching and Dave Pascal

Mastered by Rick Fisher, RFI Mastering, Seattle, WA


Special Thanks

Many thanks to Dave Pascal, Scott Warrender, Reed Ruddy and the great team at Studio X, our wonderful guest musicians, Rick Fisher, Iskra Johnson, Julie Carlos, Auston James, Mark Geisler – our angel in spirit, our amazingly supportive families and friends, Quilters – the musical at Village Theatre that started it all, and the Hot Tub.

Go To Sleep (The Goodnight Songs)


Fran, Maggie and Vickielee have been creating musical magic together as Modern Angels for over 25 years, and their versatile vocal arrangements are strongly influenced by folk, pop and jazz. This collection of lullabies has been a labor of love, and they are delighted to share it with you.

Album Producer Dave Pascal (bass) and Music Director Scott Warrender (piano) were instrumental to the project, and their generosity of musicianship is heard throughout. An array of incredibly talented Seattle musicians contributed their artistry to various tracks, and specific musician credits appear below:

Hushabye Mountain 
Music & Lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman
Lead – Vickielee
Piano: Scott Warrender
Guitar: Greg Fulton
Bass: Dave Pascal
Percussion: Josh Pehrson

Little Drops Of Rain 
Lyrics by E.Y Harburg, Music by Harold Arlen
Lead – Fran
Piano: Scott Warrender
Ukulele: Greg Fulton
Bass: Dave Pascal

Prairie Lullaby 
Words & Music by Billy Hill
Guitar: Eric Madis
Harmonica: Kelly Van Camp

Far Away Places
Words & Music by Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer
Toy Bells: Chris Monroe
Accordion: Rob Witmer
Bass: Dave Pascal

Liebestraum (Dream Of Love)
Traditional; Music by Franz Liszt
Piano: Scott Warrender
Cello: Virginia Dziekonski

When You Wish Upon A Star 
Lyrics by Ned Washington, Music by Leigh Harline
Lead – Vickielee
Ukulele: Vickielee

Suliram (Go To Sleep)
Traditional Indonesian
Lead – Fran
Piano: Scott Warrender

Catch A Falling Star
Music & Lyrics by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss
Piano: Scott Warrender
Guitar: Greg Fulton
Bass: Dave Pascal

Music & Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Vocal Arrangement by Rich Gray
Vibes: Chris Monroe
Guitar: Greg Fulton
Bass: Dave Pascal

Shining Heart (Calon Lân)
Traditional Welsh
Lead – Fran
Piano: Scott Warrender
Accordion: Rob Witmer
Oboe: David Long

Lyrics by Martin Charnin, Music by Charles Strouse
Lead – Maggie
Piano: Scott Warrender

Good Night, Baby
Traditional; Lyrics by Modern Angels. 

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