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It has been nearly 25 years since Mark, Fran, Maggie & Vickielee have sung together. But, with the world in the grip of a major pandemic, wonderful advances in digital technology, and with the delight of reconnecting across the years and the miles, a new Modern Angels project was born!

In times past they always began their holiday season rehearsals by singing this song, and it felt so very right to carry forward that tradition into 2020.

“Togetherness can take place in many ways, and we thank you so much for letting us be together with you during this holiday season.  It has given us all great pleasure to put our voices together again, and working on this project has been a major bright spot in an otherwise very tough year.  We hope you enjoy our video Christmas card - filmed with much joy and love from each of our homes. May it bring a smile to your face, joy to your heart and a ray of light to your holidays.” Fran, Mark, Maggie & Vickielee

Below are downloads of three versions of Modern Angels singing Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming. This is our holiday gift to you. If you like what you hear, please donate to your local food bank.

The first version is the "2020 Reunion Version," featured in the video above. The second is a "Timeless Mix" combining our 1991 recording (from the holiday album Shining Heart) with the new 2020 version. The third is a never-before released LIVE version from our December 1991 Holiday Concert at Village Theatre, WA. We hope you enjoy them!