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Modern Angels circa 1996
Modern Angels circa 1996

This collection of singer/songwriter and adult contemporary songs combines the group's original vocal harmonies with an eclectic gathering of Seattle's best instrumental studio musicians, including Album Producer Dave Pascal (bass), Chris Monroe (drums), Dewey Marler (flute and sax), and featuring Nancy Rumbel's oboe on the track "No Frontiers."

The album received critical praise after its release in January of 1996, and the release concert at The Backstage in Seattle remains a Modern Angels highlight for the group and their audience.

Produced by Dave Pascal
Executive Producer Shining Heart Productions
© 1996 by Shining Heart Productions
All arrangements by Modern Angels
All vocals by Modern Angels: Frances Leah King, Mark Geisler, Maggie Stenson, Vickielee Wohlbach
Recorded at Triad Studios, Redmond, WA
Engineered by Dave Dysart and Larry “Larz” Nefzger
Additional Engineering by Mark Yeend and Steve Sherrard
Mastered by Laurie Flannery at Northeastern Digital Recording Inc.
Nancy Rumbel appears courtesy of Narada Records

Special Thanks to Dave Pascal, Jim Bachman, The Hot Tub, Quilters, The gang at Triad, our wonderfully talented guest artists, and all our family and friends who have supported us through the years.

Fran, Maggie and Vickielee have been creating musical magic together as Modern Angels since 1988, and their versatile vocal arrangements are strongly influenced by folk, pop and jazz. A fourth founding member, multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter Mark Geisler, performed with the group through 1996. Percussionist Robb Worthington joined Modern Angels for this recording.

Music & Lyrics by Matthew Kahler
Lead vocal – Vickielee; percussion (congas, bongos, kick drum clavé, shaker, tambourine, rainstick, crashbox, slam) – Robb; bass – Dave Pascal; roto-toms – Chris Monroe

Music & Lyrics by Chris Wells
Lead vocal – Maggie; 12-string guitar – Mark; electric guitar – Vickielee; percussion (talking drum, congas, kick drum, shaker, triangle, cowbell) – Robb; bass – Dave Pascal; flute – Dewey Marler

More Than A Whisper
Music & Lyrics by Nancy Griffith and Bobby Nelson
Lead vocal – Fran; guitar – Vickielee; harp & keyboard – Mark; percussion (bodhran, kick drum, shaker, tambourine) – Robb;  bass & electric guitar – Dave Pascal

We Are Not In Love
Music & Lyrics by Chris Pesce

Guitar – Vickielee; fiddle – Mark; Bass – Dave Pascal; drums – Chris Monroe

Watching Robbie Sleep
Music & Lyrics by Maggie Stenson
Lead vocal – Maggie; guitar – Mark; finger cymbals – Robb

Song Of The Sea
Music & Lyrics – Mark Geisler
Lead vocal – Mark; 12-string guitar – Mark; percussion (congas, cymbals, line chimes, shell rattle) – Robb; bass – Dave Pascal

Doctor Of Love
Music & Lyrics by Marcus Nash
Lead vocal – Fran; bass – Dave Pascal; percussion (congas, tambourine, mallet kat) – Robb; fiddle – Mark

The Human Heart
Music & Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty
Lead vocal – Maggie; piano – Mark; percussion (congas, bongos, cymbals, shaker, tambourine, line chimes) – Robb; bass – Dave Pascal

A Child’s Wings
Music & Lyrics by David Michael
Lead vocal – Fran; kalimba – Mark; finger snaps – Maggie; percussion (congas, bass drum, orchestral bass drum, shaker, timba mallet) – Robb; kick drum & floor tom – Chris Monroe

No Frontiers
Music & Lyrics by Jimmy McCarthy
12-string guitar – Mark; piano – Fran; congas – Robb; bass & electric guitar – Dave Pascal;  drums – Chris Monroe; oboe – Nancy Rumbel

Cloudy Day
Music & Lyrics by Deborah B. Seymour
Lead vocal – Fran; congas – Robb; bass – Dave Pascal

Western Highway
Music & Lyrics by Gerry O’Bierne
Lead vocal – Vickielee; piano – Vickielee; 12-string guitar & mandolin – Mark; percussion (congas, bongos, line chimes) – Robb; bass – Dave Pascal; drums – Chris Monroe; soprano sax – Dewey Marler

Not Too Late
Music & Lyrics by Peg Loughran
Piano – Fran; harp – Mark; percussion (congas, cymbals, chimes) – Robb; bass – Dave Pascal; drums – Chris Monroe

Who Could Ask For More
Music & Lyrics by Zoe Wood
Lead vocal – Vickielee; guitars – Mark; classical & electric guitar – Maggie; percussion (congas, bongos, snare drum, clavé, tambourine, agogo, triangle, pot lid) – Robb; bass – Dave Pascal; drums – Chris Monroe

On The Turning Away
Music & Lyrics by David Gilmore & A. Moore
Tin whistle, hammered dulcimer, synth – Mark; percussion (bodhran, bass drum, orchestral bass drum) – Robb

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